Micro Loans to Small Businesses in the Greater Boston Area

The Bentley Microfinance Group is providing Micro Loans (Under $10,000) to Small Businesses in the Greater Boston Area.  To Learn More, please visit their website, see below.  Their Mission is as follows:

“The Bentley Microfinance Group is a principally student run organization that falls under Bentley’s 501(c)3 non-profit classification. Charged with managing its loan fund, BMG targets lending to local entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Greater Boston area who have found the traditional means of accessing capital closed to them. Through our services, BMG works to promote economic development and community involvement. What is Microfinance?Microfinance is a type of financing used throughout the world which serves the millions of people. The concept of microfinance was introduced in 1976 by Nobel Prize recipient Muhammed Yunus. The theory behind microfinance is that some people are excluded from accessing capital, and by giving small loans to the them, they are able to receive a great benefit from small microloans. These loans have a profound affect on those excluded from the traditional sources of capital because it substantially increases their human equity and, according to the law of diminishing returns, their productivity increases exponentially. While microfinance has a strong foothold abroad, BMG focuses on giving microloans to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area.”


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